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Accident Investigation
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Mechanical Testing
Metallurgical Services
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Weld Evaluation
HURST METALLURGICAL performs weld inspection, welding and brazing procedure qualification testing, tensile, bend, impact, and hardness testing.
  • Welding/Brazing Procedure Specification (WPS and BPS) Qualification Testing per ASME, AWS, API, MIL-STD and others
  • Welder/Welding Operator/Brazing Operator Qualification Testing per ASME, AWS, API, MIL-STD and others (Qualified welding/brazing procedure specification required)
  • Weld Joint Notch-Toughness Testing (Charpy V-Notch Impact Tests) per ASME, AWS and others. Temperatures from plus 80 deg F to minus 320 deg F.
  • Special welding evaluations including joint evaluation, heat treat troubleshooting, NACE hardness surveys and macro as well as micro evaluations.
  • Technical customer support including question and answer, specification research, WPS and PQR formats, and referrals to approved vendors upon request for heat treating and NDT.

Accurate results, rapid turnaround, and knowledgeable, experienced personnel.

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