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Accident Investigation
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Metallurgical Services
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HURST METALLURGICAL performs mechanical testing and analysis services in the following areas:
  • Quality Assurance, Vendor Surveillance, Product Analysis, Material Condition Identification, Heat Treat Verification.
  • Tensile/tension and compression testing using 120,000 lb. capacity computer-controlled universal tensile machine. Also available (within fixture and size requirements) are flattening testing, shear testing, bolt tension testing, wedge fastener testing and proof load testing.
  • Hardness testing with Brinell, Rockwell and Rockwell superficial scales. Conversion between different scales upon request or interpolation for approximate strength (where applicable).
  • Charpy V-notch impact testing at temperatures from plus 80 deg F to minus 320 deg F for materials exhibiting up to 260 ft. lbs. of energy absorption. Capable of testing standard or sub-size specimens from most materials.
  • In-house machine shop for specimen preparation capable of producing a wide variety of tensile specimens including round, rectangular, standard and sub-size from most metals, hardness specimens, and Charpy V-notch impact specimens.

All testing equipment calibrated to NIST standards and verified on a regular basis.

Certifications of test results and verification to acceptance standards at no extra charge.

All tests performed in accordance with latest standards and specifications, or to your specifications.

If you have specialized testing needs, please inquire.

All specimen preparation and testing is performed by trained, experienced personnel.

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